Admissions Process

Ingles de los Andes School welcomes you and thanks you for your interest in our educational proposal.
We’d like to outline that our main interest is for our students to be happy in our school in order to achieve meaningful learning in all knowledge areas and so that they may be shaped in an integral way as human beings with values and virtues.
The admission process strives for a greater approach to the family and in such way, to be able to get to know the candidate, his/her parents or guardians. Additionally, the aim is to identify the academic and behavioral levels, and to evidence a formation in values that characterizes him/her, always seeking, in case of an eventual admission, to define the support plans that may be required.  
The steps to take are the following:

Informative Talk

Attend an informative talk led by the Marketing Coordination in which the idea is to share, with candidate families, relevant aspects of our educational proposal, internal processes, campus and educational costs among others.


Once parents have made the decision to carry on with the admission process, they must follow the steps listed below:
  • Fill out the format acquired at school or through the web page.
  • Pay the admission process fee.
  • Turn in the filled out admission format, the proof of payment for admission rights (receipt or bank deposit) to the academic secretary’s office and attach the following documents:


  • Birth certificate or photocopy of I.D. card (for those older than 7 years).
  • Academic certificates of the school years previous to the one being enrolled in (for primary and secondary) and assessment reports (for pre-school). For the last on-going year, the academic report of the periods finished during the current school year must be presented.
  • Certificate of behavior (Applies to students of basic primary, basic secondary and middle). For students coming from abroad the demand of this document is subject to the institution of origin that issues it.  
  • Current no-debt certificate from the institution of origin (applies to institutions within the country).

Parent or legal guardian:

“Independent” Economic Activity:
  • Current Chamber of Commerce Certificate (if he/she owns a registered company).
  • Declaration of Income or Family Income Certification (Signed by the accountant, with copy of professional card attached).
  • Bank Statements (last trimester).
  • Photocopy of parents’ or guardians’ I.D. Card.
  • Photocopy of RUT.
“Employee” Economic Activity:
  • Work certificate specifying job title, date of hiring and salary.
  • Payroll stubs (last two).
  • Photocopy of parents’ or guardians’ I.D. Card.
“Retired” Economic Activity:
  • Payroll stubs (last two).
  • Photocopy of parents’ or guardians’ I.D. Card.

Presentattion of admission exams

(Basic Primary, Basic Secondary and Middle).


Psychological interview with student and parents.


Family interview with the principal and/or academic coordinator (optional).


Revision by the admissions committee

Finally, Ingles de los Andes School receives applications for:
  • Pre kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • Transition
  • Primary and Secondary (Up to ninth grade)
In relation to bilingual skills, students who strive to enroll in grades 1st to 9th must accredit and evidence a level of English proficiency that matches the school’s standards for those grades. In such cases, student candidates must present both oral and written exams.  
De manera general, para estudiantes provenientes del exterior aplica el mismo proceso. En caso de no tener dominio del idioma español, el colegio ofrece talleres de nivelación. 

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