Reasons to Choose Us

Choosing a school for your children is no easy task. Hence, we want to help you and share some reasons why we feel that our school is the best option:
  • We offer an integral bilingual formation (English – Spanish) and French as a Third Language.
  • We have small groups that favor a personalized education.
  • We have a countryside environment and open classrooms that favor learning.
  • Our international program (CIE) is certified by Cambridge University.
  • We have highly qualified teaching staff (bilingual and monolingual).
  • Our pedagogical proposal is founded on the Multiple Intelligences Theory and the TFU (Teaching for Understanding) that aims to empower our students’ skills, which is fundamental in the development of their autonomy.
  • We offer an integrating focus so that each student may develop his/her potentialities, achieving in such way that our students understand and use the acquired
  • knowledge on a daily basis, and at the same time, challenge them to generate new questionings that may allow them to further and widen their learning.
  • We teach through experiences, we assure that they don’t simply memorize information. Instead, we make sure they develop true understanding.  
  • We carry out projects which, in a creative and autonomous way, promote the search for problem solutions in the children.
  • We provide surroundings were the children are immensely happy, since a happy child is capable of building a better world.
  • We encourage companionship and team work as a dynamic that favors interaction with one another through a solid formation in values.
  • We educate with love and commitment since the learning rhythms vary from child to child and requires a support that allows for the acknowledgement of their skills.
  • We strive to grow together, grow in family, live spirituality and walk with the certainty of a school that looks for the involvement of the family in the formation process of our students. 

Schedule of Activities

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