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Social project

Addressing both intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences, Ingles de los Andes School makes the tenth grade students participants, as part of their integral formation, of the social project “What I am and how I can do it by serving”, where our students have the opportunity of making part of this activity with the UNBOUND Foundation “translator’s web”, Hormiguero’s young peasant home and the Cottolengo retirement home.
This Project seeks to create solidary conscience in the students in in such way promote their participation and leadership in a creative and proactive way in the different contexts related to the circumstances of people, communities and institutions that they visit, allowing for a contribution of improvement of the life conditions (educational, social and cultural) in which they may be.   

First Communion and Confirmation Chatechism

Taking into account that our school is not a confessional institution, that a spiritual formation is sought respecting the diversity in beliefs and religion, it offers our students from Third Grade, in the frame of interpersonal intelligence, the integral preparation for the First Communion Sacrament, while, to the tenth graders, the correspondent Sacrament of Confirmation, always from an anthropological, religious, Christological and Ecclesiological approach.  
In the exercise of Sacramental formation we will have, in the Catechesis, the Bible method by excellence taught by Jesus, to share the Gospel and the deeds of God that include us in the story of salvation with the students. This preparation is taken on from the hands-on methodology that allows for the children to become aware of the importance of experiencing these sacraments, to study reality, which is in itself transcendent of religion, through their concrete expressions. In other words, the study of faith is taken from the human problematic, analyzing the mediations of the religious experience in order to understand them and value them as a life proposal.  

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