Artistic Workshop


Plastic Arts Workshop:

The Plastic Arts Workshop provides the student with an array of activities focused on developing painting, sculpting and artistic drawing skills, oriented towards the creation of artistic products, handcrafts and design. The following processes are implicitly found in the activities: Reflexing (creating ideas), Experimenting (Discovering appropriate materials and solutions), Rationalizing (solutions in terms of design) and evaluation and criticism (trough debates and feedback during expositions).

Choir Workshop:

The voice as a natural instrument of the human body, without the need of tricks, has been the most used resource of expression of the peoples.
The workshop seeks to develop this beautiful instrument for the service of group singing, or choir, working singing technique, vocal interpretation and corporal expression, through the repertoire that covers folk music, universal and popular pieces.  

Violin Workshop:

The violin as a musical instrument, allows for the development of processes of fine motor skills and auditive training. These are key processes in the integral formation of boys and girls in the school stage.
Through this workshop, children will get to know the instrument, its techniques and different musical works that can be interpreted in it. All the aforementioned done with the purpose of carrying out samples in different institutional spaces with the Artistic Evening among them.  

Extracurricular dance workshop:

The Dance Workshop aims to strengthen the psychomotor qualities of our students, in a different and fun manner that enriches their lives; these types of activities make reference to corporal rhythmic movements that follow a determined pattern, where we can find another form of communication through our body, which allows us to express our feelings and emotions.    

Theater workshop:

The theater workshop gives the student his/her own expression tools related directly to the scenic representation through games. The activities are aimed towards strengthening group interaction in the individual and to develop authentic expressions through the development of communicative artistic skills. 

Schedule of Activities

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