Sports Workshops


Basketball Workshop

The Ingles de los Andes Basketball extracurricular workshop and team is a sports project, implemented as a strategy for the learning and practice of basketball, whose aim is the physical and social-affective development of the child and youngster through a pedagogical and systematic program that will allow participation in inter-school events at a local and national level.

Soccer Workshop

The soccer extra-curricular workshop has the main aim of improving the basic motor skills and perfecting soccer technique, as well as the formation in values and attitudes such as cooperation, respect, personal and group improvement solidary work, the real assessment of his/her own possibilities respecting the growth and development process of its students. As the student acquires the typical knowledge of soccer, the level of demand begins to increase. Students who enroll in the workshop have the possibility all year round to participate in local and national festivals and tournaments.

Volleyball Workshop

The Volleyball workshop will be offered at our institution with the aim of endorsing sports practice in the students from second to eleventh grades in a systematic and organized way, and to contribute to the improvement of his/her physical and cognitive capacities, and the formation of values, discipline, perseverance and preparation to compete cleanly showing respect and fair play in local and national tournaments they may participate in.

Swimming Workshop

The swimming workshop at Ingles de los Andes School, which is an extracurricular sports project, contributes to the development of physical qualities linked to the social-affective development of the students. Through this sport, we aim to promote motor experiences in the aquatic medium which allow the student to consolidate self-confidence and to empower aquatic motor skills through systematic training of the different swimming styles, thus promoting the progressive incorporation to high performance sports as an excellent tool that contributes to quality of life and to take advantage of free time.   

Schedule of Activities

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