International Program

Handling one or more languages has become one of the main objectives in modern education. An education that strives to offer students tools that will allow them to interact, as an agent of change and transformation in a globalized world where the concept of boundaries tends to disappear, obtaining access to new information, new cultures and new knowledge, with respect, without leaving our own identity aside.
Ingles de los Andes School has focused its efforts into reaching high national and international standards that will allow our students to have the resources that will favor their performance in different contexts.
Five years ago, after a rigorous research in search of an identity that would guarantee the international bilingualism processes of our students, the school was accepted by Cambridge International Examinations – CIE, which is why we can state the we are an international school associated to the CIE Program, the largest provider in the world of international educational programs and qualifications for students between 5 and 19 years old. In this manner, we became pioneers in the implementation of this program at a local and departmental level.
CIE is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group, a non-profit organization and a department of the University of Cambridge with whom we share the mission of providing excellence in education. 

The CIE programs and accreditations, adopted by us, offer the students an excellent preparation in their formative process as well as in their life project, helping them to develop continuous learning skills that will allow them to keep up with the rhythm of a world which is in constant change. Cambridge International Examinations are recognized by universities and companies worldwide as a seal of quality.
Our International program is divided into four stages; Preschool, Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Secondary 1 and Cambridge Secondary 2.
When the cycles of Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary 1 are concluded, the youngsters must present the Cambridge Checkpoint Exams. These have been designed to assess the level of progress of students from 5th and 9th grades respectively. The subjects of English, Math and Science are evaluated to provide detailed feedback of the strengths and weaknesses of our students in order to make the necessary adjustments to carry on to the next stage of the program. The exams are graded by highly qualified accredited examiners at Cambridge University.
In Eleventh Grade our students present the IGCSE Exams (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) for which they have prepared during the Secondary 2 Stage. 


In addition to the High School diploma issued by the school, our graduates, once having passed seven IGCSE subjects, obtain the ICE (International Certificate of Education)  isuued by Cambridge University.
Passing these IGCSE examinations provide the student with the most recognized International Accreditation in the world. There are 1.5 million applicants from 162 countries worldwide every year. 

Immersion Program

Every year, Ingles de los Andes School arranges an eight week cultural immersion trip for our ninth grade students throughout the months of July and August. Our youngsters take English class in the morning, and participate in all kinds of leisure activities in the afternoons, interacting with students from around the world. They travel to different destinations on the weekends and stay at local host family homes, which allows them to increment their knowledge and cultural and language skills.   


Schedule of Activities

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