Our Educational Proposal

Ingles de Los Andes School, as an educational institution that privileges integral formation, living values, immersion in an internationally accredited bilingual proposal, artistic and sports formation, and a personalized education, supports its educational proposal on the Multiple Intelligences Theory and on the frame of Teaching for Understanding (TFU), which is supported on the contributions made by Howard Gardner and David Perkins, who through their research, have provided pedagogical dynamics that allow the students to reach true understanding through activities that permit the development of higher thinking processes, empowering multiple intelligences and training them to apply the acquired knowledge in different contexts, ratifying in this way the importance of an adequate interrelation among thinking, learning and understanding, where the three profoundly depend on each other.
In a particular way in our school, each one of the sections is experienced in the following manner.


The initial education at Ingles de los Andes School offers educational attention for children between the ages of 3.6 months to 6.7 months.
Our children are defined as unique beings that possess personal, social, cultural and linguistic characteristics of their own, and who learn in a constructive process, integrating the affective and the ludic, striving to guarantee their integral formation.
We empower their development to the maximum through the creation of learning environments and educational experiences related to the different types of intelligences so that the child may experiment and discover his/her capacities and potentialities. 


we regard this space as a formative space, of socialization in which values are cultivated and attitudes are developed, using methodological strategies that promote the democratic and intercultural co-existence and the yearning to learn. Our students reach true understanding through activities that develop thinking processes, strengthen multiple intelligences and train them to apply the acquired knowledge in different contexts.
Through the subject matter that teachers formulate, our children learn: Analyzing, synthetizing, applying, understanding, talking, valuing actions that allow that allow for both a personal and collective construction process and/or construction of knowledge. This methodology demands for respect of the different thinking methods of the students, their individualities and the promotion of group work, creating a positive environment, made to respond to the interests and needs of each and every one of them.


The created methodological processes created from preschool and primary are carried on. In this level the aim is for the students to become protagonists of their formation, builders of their life project and for them to assume their cats with responsibility, striving always for the possibility for them to become unique, repeatable and autonomous men and women, developing their skills, competences and knowledge to the maximum, strengthening their individual potential and guaranteeing their professional success. Evidence of this is the results obtained in the national state (ICFES) and international (IGCSE) exams and the high level of performance shown in the universities where they enroll.  

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