School Psychology Service

The School Psychology Service at Ingles de los Andes School supports the integral formation of our children and youngsters aiming to empower their growth as human beings, generating strategies and developing projects that respond to the different moments and circumstances of their development stages, taking as a reference the family, school and social contexts. 
The Psychology service leads the following projects:

Parent School Project.  

It constitutes a space of collective participation, formation and construction of the human development processes that allow for vehicular strategies of prevention and coherent intervention between the school and family mediums.

Profesional Orientation Project.

Its objective is to provide significant elements to our students in the construction of coherent life projects within their family, individual, professional and socio-economic possibilities.

Transversal Prevention and Citizenship Formation Project.

It aims to contribute from the different areas of formation in values and principles that frame our Institutional Education Project, striving for self-knowing and group processes that will allow our students to make responsible decisions.

Transversal Homeroom Project.

It is oriented towards strengthening a formation strategy directed to the teachers that will allow the construction of intervention strategies, favoring each group’s particular dynamics and the support processes in the integral formation of our students.   



Schedule of Activities

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